Meandering Moments

Welcome to Meandering Moments!

Hello, my name is Karmen and big Thanks for stopping by at Meandering Moments, photo art for charity!

This website was created with the purpose to raise money to help animals in need around the world. May it be from helping a turtle sanctuary on Jekyll Island in Georgia that focuses on rescuing Green Turtles and other reptilian friends or to local animal shelters helping animals affected by natural disasters. I want to raise funds for helping animals from all walks or jump or fly or swim of life!

Every purchase of downloadable wall art digital file made through Meandering Moments, 100% of the profits go towards funding non profit animal organizations. 

So, every time you look at a Meandering Moment image, you’ll feel good, knowing your purchase(s) is doing some good somewhere.

My art photos are inspired from my travels. These images represents moments I’ve captured with my DSLR as I meander around the world, meeting people with great stories, seeing historical sights and experiencing the local cultures.

So, once again Thanks and I hope you find something suitable for your needs.



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